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Designing a tshirt on an iPad

So after getting a bit of inspiration for this tshirt design, it’s time to actually design a logo or image to use for the T-Shirt. Luckily there are a selection of great apps on the iPad to make graphics (you’d hope so) many of which are a very natural experience and in my opinion, make it greater than using a desktop designing client, especially for the causal designer (I’m sure pro designers are going to comment and tell me the thousands of things that these iPad apps can’t do but…meh.)

However, before going on to the IPad, it’s worth considering using a notebook to sketch out a design. The huge advantage of a paper notebook is the feel and texture of a pen against paper. That natural friction is something that no graphic tablet or stylus can recreate fully. So why not just start Sketching on Paper?
That’s exactly what I did. I started to jot down some dumb, lose sketches and then refined them a bit more.

Here;s where the advantages of an iPad start to kick in. After getting my sketches down, I used Adobe capture to save the image into my Adobe shapes. This gives me access to the ideas in Adobe illustrate draw. Not full illustrator but still a powerful app.I also tried a couple of other designing apps for the iPad to try and edit some images including.

I got a few rough ideas for a design but none of them really stuck with me. However, I did come up with a little slogan or tag that I felt really suited the idea of creatives using the iPad to make something. iCreate.
Yes Apple is moving away from the whole starting with i thing, yes it is narcissistic, yes many groups have also used it but none of that stops it from still being a cool tag line and slightly inspirational. A great reminder to get out and create something everyday Plus it is a declaration to the universe that I create things.

Stealing an icon

I’ll be honest, my drawing skills aren’t so hot and although I practice almost daily, I’m no where near a professional standard. So I decided to cheat a little here. As I was looking for some inspiration for the site logo, I came across a great icon on the noun project (a great site with Creative Commons license icon designs.) I tried mimicking it, but in the end I decided it was worth splashing $2 to buy the rights to use it and avoid any potential legal issues. Now I had a tag line and an good quality icon.

Putting it together on….

Finally I had all the essential elements to make a tshirt. Tagline, check. Icon, check, website that allows me to assemble a tshirt design…er. Well more on that next time.

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