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I’ve been on holiday in Malta this last week and had a great time. To help myself record and then later remember the holiday I’ve been using Day One multiple times a day instead of my usual everything couple of days.

Day One is a journal app that has a great design support for markdown and can save data including your activity (steps), location, time and you can add photos as well. This makes it a perfect tool to save a few snaps, your written reflections and thoughts and then you can easily find them afterwards.

Use the activity feed to create entries

One of the best recent features from Day One is the activity feed. This shows you your recent activity from the day and allows you to quickly create entries based off it. Your activity feed can include

  • Locations
  • Photos
  • calendar
  • Your social media activity from
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Foursquare

By plugging more tools in, you have more options (though you may find it overwhelming).

In my day to day life, I’ve attached it to my work calendar and work journal so I can record notes from meetings and events. But with traveling, one of the things I’ve ended up doing is taking a photo at different locations on my iPhone so I can create a journal article and easily identify the places where I was (seeing the name of a place in Maltese isn’t easy. But a photo is easier to remember the place)

Tags for later

I added a tag for Malta when we first arrived so it would be easy to keep all of these entries together and look through them later. Plus I have a “travel” tag for all of our various travels.

A small feature, a big difference

In the past I’ve been a bit more haphazard with entering my Day One records. Last year we had our big summer trip walking round Scotland and I missed a day or two here and there and only really wrote one big summary. This time it has been much easier thanks to using the activity feed.

‎Day One Journal
‎Day One Journal
Developer: Bloom Built Inc
Price: Free+

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