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Day one has just released it’s 1.13 update which introduces a few small changes and one major new feature. Publish.

Although you have been able to share Day One entries to different sources for a while but Day One Publish is different. Now Day One will create a page for your entry and share that entry across multiple sources, each one linked to the same page for your entry. You are no longer just tweeting the first part of your entry but instead you have a page where all your links will come to.

But this feature isn’t just a fancy good looking webpage for your entries, there are several other functions which extend publish beyond Day One’s previous sharing abilities. For example, Day One Publish integrates with social statistics across different platforms. It will show you how many people have read your posts and how many comments you have from every source as well as an on page break down of each source.

Day One Publish also shares in an effective way on each platform too. It uses the titles of your entries for the title to post (or up to the character limit if you have no title). If your entry has a photo then it will share the photo in the correct format for twitter cards or with Facebook and four squares built in photo sharing systems.

A Replacement for the Personal Blog?

The net effect of Day One Publish is that for many people, this could easily replace any need for a personal blogging service. I’m not saying that MacDaily will move over to Day One, there are still some features we need on WordPress, but for the more personal reflections and cathartic writing, why shouldn’t someone use Day One? With Day One you have the opportunity to write without thinking about publishing and if, after you have written, you decide to publish, it is no problem. That’s a different mindset for writing than “I’m writing this for my readers”.

On top of that you can choose to publish your notes to only a select group and keep them semi private. If you don’t share your notes publicly then they aren’t made discoverable by search engines and only users with your unique link can access them. This is a big difference from a traditional blog where it’s easy to navigate between posts with the exception of those covered by a password.

Shawn Blanc also got the scope that Day One is going to continue to expand Publish’s functions beyond Facebook, Foursquare and twitter and add in other social networking platforms including emailing.

Other Changes

However, Day One hasn’t just added in Publish. Oh no! Day One has also edited a few features and fixed some issues. These include adding in the new Textexpander SDK reintroducing direct support for text expander snippets (one of the features I felt was missing in my review so it is great to see it is back). They have also added in the iRate review prompt system which will only ask you once for a review (so you won’t become…irate…I’ll get my coat)

And finally there have been some subtle user interface tweaks in the read mode including a button for Day One Publish and a button to start a new entry. These are small touches but they make it easier to use, especially as I may want to check my planner from the day before, before I start writing my day plan for the next day. Now I can launch my new entry from within that screen.

If you were holding out on getting Day One, then wait no longer. Check out the new publish feature today.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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