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Day One: More Than Just A Journal

Remember the good old days of keeping a personal journal? It was very freeing to just let your fingers do all the talking without much concern over grammar. Though blogging offers a few of the same benefits, there are some things that you should not share with the world. This is the whole reason why journals were so… personal.
I suspect that not many people keep journals anymore, but maybe we should. Day One is an app that offers the same functionality of your old journal but in an easy and intuitive digital format.

Day One offers a great Mac App. However, they have also created iOS apps for both, iPhone and iPad, so that you can record your memories on the go. It also uses Dropbox or iCloud sync as an option so that you can keep your journal synced across all of your devices. If you want to commit to writing often and need a little push, you can also set up reminders so you can have a consistent workflow of journal writing.

What makes Day One special though is the way you can keep your journal well documented. Words are always powerful and personal, but with every memory and experience, there are things that make them more emotional. One of those things is having an image that puts the moment right before you and allows you to feel more connected to it. Day One offers the option to include an image to each journal entry. Now, when you want to go back to your journal and find that entry of when you burned your old girlfriend’s cashmere sweater after she broke up with you, you can relive that moment!

Day One goes even further. While images are important and pull at the heart strings, there’s another factor that is important in our daily lives. The weather. Day One allows you to add the weather to each entry (only on iOS devices). You even have the option of including the weather of the day you wrote your journal or the weather of the date you took the photo. This way, you can remember what was happening and how good (or bad) the weather was.

Day One WindowDay One is a really neat, good looking and exciting app. I have been using it for the last 2 years and with these new features, calendar views, Markdown support, passcode lock, menu bar entry on the Mac, Location tagging (using Foursquare API), PDF exporting and sharing features, it is the best journal application available today.

If you have any desire to start a personal journal, I highly recommend Day One for you. If you don’t, you can see how some people are using Day One for their everyday lives. Either way, you should at least take a peek and see how beautiful and functional this app is.

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  1. I would have just used Evernote for my journal if I kept one. I have tried in the past but not been very successful in keeping with it.
    I would like to start keeping a journal and to be honest I really like what I am seeing with this app. I love that it has security built in and that you can even record weather and other contextual values around what you are writing about.

    I am thinking it would be fantastic for keeping a photography journal as well.

    Thinking this is going on my “give it a try” list.

    Good piece Moe, thanks!

    • The photos and weather really do make the app that much better. I’ve had the app since it was just a journal with text. They’ve come a long way and the latest update is so good. I forgot to mention in the review, but they also support Markdown. I love me some markdown!!

  2. Well,this app reminds me of ” memoir” an android app with the same function but a tad better in term of the amount of photo you could take/ record in your journal.developer should consider to add the amount of photo that could be recorded.