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Last week we saw the importance of using good passwords come to the for with the story of Naoki Hiroshima. One of the really great steps you can take to help insure the security of your passwords is to use two step verification, ensuring that anyone seeking to hack into your account will need your device with them to break in. However, some accounts don’t have two step verification, you need to make sure that you have secured these accounts against being broken into too.

Step in 1Password.

What is 1Password?

1Password is a suit of software for a host of operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS that stores you passwords safely within it’s bounds. You can either keep it on one device, sync them over Dropbox or even over Wifi so you don’t have to worry about security issues concerning someone hacking into dropbox.

On a basic level this means you can easily get into your accounts without having to remember your passwords and you can easily access your accounts from what every account you have. However, that is just the start of it’s functions.

Why Not Just Use Google Chrome or Keychain on Safari?

Although Google Chrome and Safari have built in password saving service and in Safari’s case it can also generate hard to break passwords, that is their limits. They only store your passwords and do it on their own syncing services so there is no non cloud syncing option like 1Passwords has but 1password has a couple of unique tricks up it’s sleeve to help convince you to dose out the doll.

Secure Password Generation

Yes, keychain on safari can also do this but 1passwords is just better. 1Password adds in features that allow you to set how long the password is, how easy it is to tell other people and linked in with those to factors how secure the password is.


Security Audit

1P4-Mac-Security-AuditThis is probably the best feature that 1Password brings to the table. Not only will it generate passwords it will also look over the passwords you are currently using and check if you are repeating any of them, that they are difficult to break and you can even set up a system to tell you when your passwords have been the same for a long time. This is worth the money alone.

Secret Notes

If there is a note that you want to keep secret from people who use the same devices as you (say a christmas present list) then you can create a secret note within 1password safe from other people.

Easier to Share Your Device

Imagine you let your kids use your mac and they go to a shopping site, before you know it keychain has served up your password and they’ve ordered a whole load of barbie dolls to your house! 1Password adds an extra security password that you can adjust when it is activated and deactivated (so when you haven’t used your device for a while someone else has to enter your 1password again)

Cloud or Wifi Sync

Not only does 1Password come on the Mac, it also comes on iOS for both the iPad and iPhone. This allows you to keep all your important information (not just for online but offline too) on you where every you are. You don’t have to worry about setting a difficult to remember password for work which you’ll forget if you have it on your iPhone.

The Sync can be done over cloud services or Wifi if you are more security conscious.


Easy to Access Interface.

It’s really easy to log in and see all your passwords incase you have to access them on a device which doesn’t have your one password account (or to visit your secret notes). This gives it another boost over keychain.

The 1Password Blog

The 1Password blog also contains a whole host of tips and advice for setting really secure passwords so even if you don’t choose to buy the apps I really recommend you check it out and start creating better passwords today.


There are other tools for creating and storing good password but 1Password is truly a step above the rest. I really recommend you download these tools now and improve your security.

Developer: AgileBits Inc.
Price: Free+
Developer: AgileBits Inc.
Price: Free+

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