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Comparing the iPhone 6s camera to previous generation iPhones

Lisa Bettany, one of the top 10 most influencial photographers on the web and cofounder of apps like Camera+ and MagiCamposted a series of images comparing the camera of the new iPhone 6s to its predecessors. Check out the comparison below.

The first comparison shows some macro shots of pencil crayons taken with all the iPhone models, starting from the original iPhone all the way up to this years iPhone 6s. We can see that the details start to come out with the iPhone 3GS, the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G has no chance when it comes to macro photography. After the iPhone 4s it becomes a little bit difficult to see the differences at first look, but we can see the iPhone 6s trumps all other iPhones in this comparison, there’s more detail and overall looks more natural.

The above backlit photos show how far the iPhone camera has come since the original iPhone released in 2007. This time it’s easily noticable that the iPhone 6s comes out on top in this backlit test, we can see more detail on the boat itself and it does a great job handling the light and dark areas of the scene.


This low-light shot of some coins makes it a little harder to judge if the iPhone 6 or 6s is better in this category. We can see that the iPhone 6 ‘shines’ (pardon the pun) in this comparison, the image is brighter than that of the iPhone 6s, but the iPhone 6s photo seems to have less noise, personally I think I prefer the iPhone 6 here.

Personally, I think the average person won’t be able to dissern the difference in image quality between the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s, it does however become a little easier when the images are side-by-side. The iPhone 6s camera looks to be noticably better than the iPhone 5s and below.

You can check out the whole gallery over on SnapSnapSnap, where the images are interactive, so you can enlarge each individual photo.

The iPhone 6s sports a 12-megapixel iSight camera – 50% more than the iPhone 6 and has improved auto-focus, and ‘Deep trench isolation’ technology.

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