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[Coming Soon] Velox II

Velox II, same concept, new developer. Phillip Tennen (a.k.a Codyd51), has written Velox II from the ground up, nothing is as it was, well, apart from the concept 🙂 All code is completely written by Codyd51 and with his track record, we can expect some great things. Check out what we thought of Velox II after the jump

Velox II allows you to invoke cool features, easily snap a photo with the Camera, make a quick note, quickly see the latest Cydia updates, do all this, without ever having to leave the Homescreen, pretty convenient right?

It’s all very simple to set up, in fact you could just install Velox II and start using it. The only setting you might want to tinker with is the Activator gesture that is used to invoke Velox II’s features. I’ve left it to ‘Swipe up on icon’, but I think a swipe down gesture is more fitting, though I could see it conflicting with the Spotlight. There’s also a Dark Mode switch, so you’re not blinded by the pop ups at night.

Swipe up on the YouTube icon and easily search and view videos
Need to look up something? No problem, Google search right there on your Homescreen
Music app integration allows you to view currently playing music and adds swipe gestures to go Next/Previous, tap to Play/Pause, its all there in that small pop up.
Compose a tweet from your Homescreen…
I’ve been playing with Velox for a couple of hours now and it is a well rounded tweak, I could definitely see myself using it on a regular basis. I also tried it out on my iPad Mini 2, I think the only problem I came across (on my iPad) was that Velox II didn’t work in landscape

While Codyd51 had nothing to do with Velox (mark 1), he is kind enough to offer a discounted price for people who purchased the initial version of Velox.

You’ll be able to grab Velox II on Cydia within the next couple of weeks. It’ll be $2 for new users and $1 for early adopters.

What do you guys think of Velox II? Sound off in the comments below…

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