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[Coming Soon] SimpleCenters – Complete control over your NC & CC

A new upcoming tweak going by the name of SimpleCenters, aims to give you complete control over your Notification Center and Control Center. Packed with tons of features and options, SimpleCenters may be the only tweak you’ll ever need to customize what you see (or don’t see) in your NC & CC. Keep reading as I put SimpleCentres through its paces.

Developed by the same person that brought you SimpleNC (Logan O’Connell), comes SimpleCenters, allowing you to customize not only the Notification Center but also the Control Center.

If you remember from our review of SimpleNC, we had a lot of customization options in the Settings, they were a little unappealing as it was just a long list of toggles. SimpleCenters also improves on the preferences this time around, with clear sections/headings I think everything is a little more organized.

SimpleCenters brings even more customization options to the NC than SimpleNC.

I particularly like the Control Center customization options as I always use the Control Center. The ‘Hide CC when toggling’ option is pretty cool, it does exactly that, it hides the rest of the Control Center while you concentrate on a part of the CC.

Final Thoughts
SimpleCenters greatly improves on its predecessor, though shouldn’t be considered as a ‘Pro’ version of SimpleNC, it also brings customization options to the Control Center, and I think that explains why it’s a completely separate tweak. If you’re not concerned about tinkering with the ControlCenter, you could just stick with SimpleNC but if you want something much more, for $0.99 SimpleCenters is definitely worth it.

SimpleCenters has been submitted to Cydia so you could be seeing it very soon.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the dev, follow him on Twitter here

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