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[Coming Soon] Need for Speed: No Limits

If you know your racing games, then you’ll definitely will have come across the name Need For Speed. Well iOS gamers better get ready because EA has announced Need for Speed: No Limits for smartphones and tablets. More info and the trailer after the jump

Need for Speed: No Limits will be developed by Firemonkeys, the developers that brought us Real Racing 3 and the previous Need for Speed games. A quote from the EA website reads:

“We’ve built No Limits from the ground up to deliver the insanely-fast driving and incredible graphics that fans have come to expect from Need for Speed – in the palm of your hands.”

Im guessing this could mean that Firemonkey will be taking advantage of Apple’s Metal, which means enhanced graphics and effects. Obviously only certain devices on iOS 8 can take advantage of Metal, but that doesn’t mean that the game won’t look beautiful on iOS 7.

Check out the trailer below:
We can’t really say much about the gameplay judging by the very little preview we got of it, but it looked like it was ‘tap to change lanes’ kind of like the Drag races found in previous some other Need for Speed games.

You can follow the official Need for Speed: No Limits Twitter page here. We’ll keep you updated as soon as more info is revealed in the coming weeks/months. NFS: No Limits looks like it will be releasing in 2015.

What do you think of Need for Speed: No Limits?

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