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iOS Tip: Clear Safari’s History & Cookies

Sometimes we want to cover our tracks from those prying eyes, sometimes we just want our browser to be faster. Either way, the most well known trick is to clear your cache. History and Cookies and all things nice, need to be obliterated.
I personally wish, as with most larger browsers (Chrome and Safari) there was a simple one button push within the browser itself to wipe out this data, but there isn’t.

Since I use my iPhone 5 as my primary surfing device during work hours, it holds a large number of links from Twitter, Flipboard, Reeder, and many other applications I use throughout the day. Since there are so many links, and so much surfing going on, it’s just wise to clear this data from your iDevice every so often.

Follow these easy steps to clear your History and Cookies super fast.

Launch the settings app from your iDevice and scroll till you see Safari.


Click on Safari and scroll down till you see the Clear History and Clear Cookies and Data buttons.


Tap Clear History and you will see the “are you sure” dialogue as seen below, tap the Clear History button.


Once your history is cleared, head on to the “Clear Cookies and Data” button. Again you will see a “tracking data” dialogue, but don’t fret and simply tap the “Clear Cookies and Data” button.


It really is that simple. This is a simple trick that should be done often to keep your iDevice running smoothly. Any questions let us know in the comments below!

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