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Circles: A gym for your memory

Circles is a neat game for iPhone and iPad that will give your memory a much needed workout. The game is a basic, yet beautiful game with simple mechanics to train your brain to remember the sequence of moves provided by each level.
The game is simple to learn. You can try the practice level to get familiar with the game or jump right in. The foundation of this game relies on your memory skills to remember the sequence of circles that the computer plays to you – and then enter it back correctly. Each game starts off with a simple two moves. Just repeat the sequence of moves after each level and you advance into the next one.

Though the game is simple, it gets increasingly difficult when you have to remember a sequence of 30 moves of different colored circles. It really puts your brain to work to remember each move. To aid in the memory process, the game provides a different tone for each circle that is highlighted. This way, you can trust your vision and your ears to select the correct sequence of moves.

The game’s levels begin with very basic skills. You start with two circles and each time you graduate to different sections, you gain more circles. You may boast about remembering a 30 level sequence between two circles, but try doing it when there are five circles and you begin to see how challenging it is to remember a sequence of moves and colors that are moved around. Your mind begins to spread all over the place.

There is also a neat multiplayer feature that is tied through Game Center. You take turns remembering the sequence of moves and the first player to get it wrong loses the match. You can also play with weapons (via in-app purchases) and earn coins. You can also use chances to “try again” after getting a move incorrect. I blew through 15 chances in one game! You can also sync via iCloud so that your games can be picked up on your iPad as well as your iPhone.

I’ve been playing with my wife over the last week and she has continually humiliated me almost every game. Though she can boast of her memory skills, I can warn her that this is the reason why I often forget to pick up some groceries or take out the garbage. Win!

The game maker is also donating a percentage of each game sold to help fund Alzheimer’s research. You can see that when you see the trailer for their app. It’s really well done and pulls at the heartstrings.

I don’t play many games on my iPhone. I like to keep it for communication, productivity and some light reading. However, the only two games that get to live on my iPhone are Letterpress and now Circles. Highly recommended.


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