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It’s a pain in the neck waiting for your iPhone to charge your iPhone, especially when you have very little time to charge your device. However, there are a couple of simple tricks that will lead to your iPhone charging faster.

1. Use An iPad Charger

Yes, it’s true, an iPad charger will charge your iPhone faster than using the iPhone charger. If you use the iPad 10w charger, it will push energy faster than the 500ma iPhone charger (likewise the iPhone charger will charge an iPad slower).

[note: Don’t believe me? Notice the wording on the official Apple support guide referring to being able to use an Apple power adaptor]

2. Turn On Airplane Mode when Charging

This isn’t really about gaining more power into the device, it simply stops the drain as you are charging. As such you reach a higher power level quicker. This is a great tip if you are in the middle of a lull but will need your device later.

What if I am Using a Computer and USB?

If you need to charge from a USB port on a computer then
1. Make sure the computer can pull power from an energy source
2. Remove all other items taking power from the USB
3. Make sure the computer is on (especially true with laptops which don’t always send power over USB when the screen or device is off or on standby).

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