The Three Areas Where the iPad Shines

Some recent articles seem to want the iPad to become a laptop. While I’m not opposed to an iOS laptop, I fear that some of these demand would take away the three aspects that made the iPad unique and useful beyond the apps which it has. Touch Admittedly touch doesn’t have to be exclusive for…

iOS 12 Enhancements Make iPad Photo Editing Much Better

I’ve written a personal blog about photography for a while and so I wanted to include some details about why iOS 12 is far better for editing photos.

I’ve seen some other photographers talk about how they use the iPad for editing photos in the past and I had to conclude that they would only do a couple of product shots rather than shooting at an event or street photography. Importing 300 or more photos was practically impossible in  iOS 11, but now it’s perfectly realistic.

There’s even a speed comparison video in the post to see how much faster it is.

Back to School iPad Apps

With the start of the new school and college years, it's time to get your tools together that you will use to effectively study and produce your assignments at collage or school. The iPad is the perfect device for studying with due to its portability and power allowing it to aid and easy both your…