The App Still Formerly Known As Read It Later

Today I noticed that I had a new update for Pocket (formerly read it later). This update is mainly bug fixes and improves Airplay support, preventing the airplay from stopping when your device goes to sleep or is switched off. However, when I got the update I realised something.

The app is still called Pocket (formerly Read It Later) in fact. I had a moment of thinking to try and remember when exactly it changed it’s name to Pocket instead of read it later.

A quick Google check and it turns out that on the 17th of April, it will have been two years since they changed the name. Almost two year! I understand the reason for keeping the old name when they made the immediate transition to their new name brand.

After all, imagine waking up and not being able to find one of your essential apps that you regularly use. As you continue to search you see that some strange app has suddenly found it’s way onto your device and wonder if Apple are forcing new programs on you.

But you have to wonder…when will Pocket drop the alternative name? Surely everyone who originally downloaded Pocket when it had the name Read it Later have seen that it has updated. Likewise, when a new user goes to look for a new read it later app, they have probably heard of the name Pocket more than read.

Why Hasn’t The Name Just Become “Pocket”?

I can’t speak for certain and I can only speculate. A check of Google trends shows that “read it later” still generates some search returns and as such it could still keep the old name to pick up on some lagging search results in the app store and website.


Read it later is also the sort of phrase you might use to search for a similar service when you don’t know a brand name at all. However, this can’t make up a large amount of traffic, even if it is a higher portion in iTunes than on Google, it would have to be significantly higher to make a big difference.

However, I wonder if there is a simpler reason…has this just not made it onto someone’s to do list? Startups can be busy places and it’s easy for jobs and tasks to fall by the wayside, especially when they aren’t an essential task. Maybe it’s just been forgotten?

This Week In Apple: 01/19/2014

Welcome back to another this week in Apple, an experiment we’re doing here at to give you around up of the news and stories around the web this week related to Apple. Last week was the first time we ran the experiment and I’m still not sure if we’ll keep it or not so leave a comment or contact us via social media if you like it, or if you don’t.

Anyway here are the top 20 Apple related news stories this week

1. CyanogenMod Installer makes it’s way to OSX

If you’re an Android phone user then you might have heard of Cyanogenmod (an alternative version of Android that you can install on your phone but requires a process like Jailbreaking)

2. Get Your Macs Location Using TextExpander

You’ve probably heard of TextExpander, a useful time saving tool. Well it can do some pretty fancy things, like tell you your location in latitude and longitude. Pretty clever huh!

3. The Mac Pro Is Back In Europe

Which is good news for me and my fellow Europeans…not that I have any plans (or funds) to buy one.

4. Bossjock, podcasting on the go

There’s been a lot of people (I’m looking at you Fraser Speirs and Bradley Chambers) talking about recording a podcast with just an iPad. Well now TUAW is on the case too with this handy app.

5. Google Bought Nest

Google dropped a positively Doctor Evilish $3.2 Billion on buying the home automation company Nest.

6. Why Apple Didn’t Buy Nest

The question lots of Apple fans have been wondering.

7. Apples Head of Marketing Unfollowed Nest! BURN!

An in response to it all, Phil Schiller unfollows both Nest and Tony Fadell

8. (Total) Apple Sales Will Equal Windows Sales sometime this year!

So that’s Macs, iPhone, iPads AND iPods…still the general picture shows All Apple products (including Macs) are more popular than ever.

9. Starbucks app has a major user information security loop hole

Storing user data in plain text…poor form guys

10. Under 24 Later Starbucks fixed the loophole 

Or did they!!!! [insert dramatic music]

11. Apple Will Pay You Back If Your Child Accidentally Made An In-App Purchase

Apple settled it’s case with the FTC which sounds nice..until you see how upset Tim Cook is about the whole thing.

12. Fewer Than 0.01% Of Apps Will Be Profitable By 2018 Predicts Gartner

They also predict independent developers will have a harder time and that freemium apps will increase even further. Great.

13. Box Gives Away 50Gb If You Sign In With Their New IOS App

That’s in addition to any other free space you’ve got. It’s always handy to have more free space.

14. 1 in 5 Larcenies In New York Involve Apple Products! 

Those New Yorkians? Yorkites? Yorkans? people from New York clearly love their Apple products…as do the criminals.

15. Google Releases It’s Play Movies and TV App For iOS 

So you could have Google Play Music and Movie and TV on your device now…if you want.

16. Brett Terpstra Is Going Solo. Help Him out!

Brett, developer of the much loved Marked App and creator of many helpful workflows and TextExpander snippets is breaking out of his AOL job to go solo. But he needs your support.

17. iPhones grow to 42% of the smartphone market

That’s greater growth than Samsung and other companies. Not bad for a phone that’s “too small” and things look really bad for Blackberry

18. Feedly for iOS get’s an update 

Some nice little new features entered Feedly including speed reading, a night theme and a new iPad Layout

19. Apple Pulls a Plastic Surgery Game Aimed At Kids

Criticise Apple’s more hands on approach to Apps and permission but sometimes there are some great results.

20. Scott Forstall Has A New Career As A Head Model

Though it looks like it’s without his permission.


Well there you have it, 2o crazy, funny, and exciting Apple related stories for the week. If you have a good story to add for next weeks round up then tweet it to us at

See you next week.


Google To Buy Nest…Is It A Big Deal?

Google is one of those devices companies, and rightly so. On the one hand we have a company who are pushing technology boundaries and creating products and services that have made a great contribution to modern life (remember what it was like to “Ask Jeeves” before Google came along! or how limited we were in Email space before gmail? Yuk!)

Yet, at the same time it is also the company that has a file on you that makes your schools personal record look like a one sheet CV. No where is this conflict more apparent than with Google Now which can be an incredible personal assistant, telling you when your upcoming flight is, how far you are from work, what the best restaurants around are etc…and yet also reads every email you have and tracks your movement all day.

Nest was one of those companies that I had an eye on. I don’t currently own a home but the advances that Nest had brought in both its thermostat and protector devices, nest had improved and showed the vision to use technology in a way to enhance our experiences via automation and intelligent analytics. I don’t have a house but I knew I wanted some of their products in my future house.

[Note the use of the past tense in that last sentence.]

Google To Buy Nest

A few hours ago Google and Nest announced that Google is going to drop $3.2 in cash to buy nest. That’s over 3 Instagrams and just under 3 tumblrs for context of the monetary figure but let’s be honest, the amount of cash isn’t really relevant. The big story here is the company that makes money from having as much data about you as it can get and selling that data to other partners so they can advertise better at you just bought a company that in theory could provide them with a whole new range of data.

What’s Good About Google Buying Nest?

Before we all grab our tinfoil hats let’s look impartially at the issue and consider the good sides. Google are a huge company who can provide financial investment into Nest bringing further products to market and advancing the current lines. Google can also help integrate Nest with other services leading to further applications to these devices. When added into the Google infrastructure these tools become more powerful and their future potential increases as well.

Google also has a history of being very platform agnostic, developing apps for desktop, mobile and (most importantly for them) web applications. I have no doubt that Nest will continue to support the full range of Apple products.

What We’re All Worried About

Imagine someone walking around following you all day with a notepad, a couple of days later they start showing you adverts for different things. Or someone taking your actual mail, flicking through it and adding in an advert to the person who receives the letter,  Although Nest have stated that they have a strict privacy policy that they won’t break, it wouldn’t take much for them to update their privacy policy or provide people with the choice to integrate their services with Google (in exchange for sharing their tracking details).

Whereas, previously, Google tracked what we searched, what we talked about in our messages, what we liked and where we went (if we activated that service) Soon they will have the potential to track how warm your house is, when you are in (and out) when you go to bed and more.

Why I’m More Okay With Apple Having My Tracking Data Than Google

If a company like Apple had bought nest I’d certainly be more happy with it. Where Google needs my data to be successful and then sells that data on, a company like Apple makes money by offering me the best service it can. Apple doesn’t need me to look at adverts, Apple can delight its users without limits where as Google always needs to present an advert to it’s users. Nest might signal a shift in Google’s strategy, where Google looks to make money from selling products but considering the current price of it’s Nexus products I doubt it.

I Won’t Be Buying Any Nest Products

Nest aren’t the only smarthome automation providers and I doubt they will be the last. Although they have provided some great products their tie in with Google is on balance something that I am not keen on. I’m sure their products will get better but there can be costs that come with that.

What do you make of the Nest buy out? Were you interested in Nest Products before the announcement? Are you still?

[Photo Credit: Unhindered by Talent via Compfight cc]