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Making Adverts With Just an iPhone and iPad

Last week Bentley caught the attention of the Apple loving community by creating and releasing their latest advert with everything shot using 3 iPhone 5ses and edited on an iPad air. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen iPhones and iPads being used to create adverts but what is perhaps most interesting is that this wasn’t to show off the power of the iPhone or iPad air but instead it was actually to show off the integrated technology within the car. These include the inbuilt wifi hotspot and passenger seat tables which include iPad and keyboard holders. In such a […]

IFTTT Features on Android That iOS User Should Envy

IFTTT has just come over to Android last week after being online and on iOS for a while. With the Android version IFTTT has release a host of new features and items which make the most of the Android platform and show some of the limitations of iOS (even if there are very good reasons for those limitation.) Below are some of the features that are on Android which should make iOS users android green with envy. 1. Android Device This channel introduce features like setting the volume, muting the phone, and perhaps most interestingly, updating the wallpaper (as well […]

Flipboard hits 50 million users and gets a 2 after it’s name

Flipboard recently announced that they have hit over 50 million users. A number that is not surprising at all when you think about the overall success of the company. Due in large to the awesomeness of the app, both iPhone and iPad, the company can now brag about a very large user base. Soon Macdaily will be on Flipboard…. we wish! The little news app that could has reached another milestone of version 2.0. It dropped last night on my iPhone 5 and I upgraded right away! The list of updates is short but powerful. You can now create you own magazines! The way the […]

Two EU Laws That Affect iPhone Users

The EU recently passed a law that will require all mobile devices to use a standard charging connector. The aim being to asset users to different devices to be able to charge their device no matter what device they or their friend had. It’s certainly a nice idea and a welcome change from the days of mobile past where you had to hunt around to find an old charger if your friend had an old phone or similar. But ultimately this is a move which fixes a problem that has solved practically solved itself and stifles future invention. The Move […]

MacDaily is becoming Part of the Facebook Family

Update as you might have guessed, this was an April fool’s joke. I hope you had a funny day. I’ve been waiting to reveal this for a while now and today seems like the perfect day. Macdaily.co is officially becoming part of the Facebook family. In the short run this means that nothing will change. We’ll still write and post the same high quality content and it will stay Apple related. However, in the long term there are some big changes coming. First, we will be changing our name to “In Your Face Daily” and we will be exclusively covering […]

Will the BatteryBox End Your Macbook Battery Woes?

Have you every run out of battery on the go? It’s happened to me only once or twice and I’m sure you can relate to my pain and annoyance. As bad as running out of battery power is, thankfully it hasn’t been a daily event for me. The greater issue is the need to adopt unnatural phone use habits to save battery power and insure I don’t run out incase I need some later. In some cases this basically makes my Phone unusable and I basically have to turn it off. Not an ideal solution really. In light of these […]