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New “Better Than A Computer” IPad Ads

After another year when iPad sales declined (yup, it happened again) despite growth in every other area, Apple has released a new set of adverts focused on the iPad and how it is different, even better than a computer. I’m sure that you can relate as an iPad has several advantages over a standard laptop or desktop (and yes, it has disadvantages in some fields too.) Have a look. Better than a computer Don’t hunt for Wifi Do more with word No PC Viruses These really hit the iPad’s selling points, its simple, it’s incredibly portable and you can use […]

Why I’m Excited About AirPods

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of EarPods. I’ve written my own odd to EarPods where I praised a few of their core features. Even though they come in the box and I have bought other earphones, I keep returning to EarPods. Those features (and more) make me very excited for the future of AirPods and it probably should make you excited about AirPods too. Why EarPods are good I won’t go into my full post on EarPods but here are the reasons I like EarPods (they may not apply to you). They feel great in my ears […]

Could The iPhone 7 Replace Your Camera?

Apple iphone 7 plus camera

For many this question was answered a long time ago when a previous iPhone (or even…Android phone) replaced their point and shoot camera. Yet, sales of more expensive cameras (DSLRs and Mirrorless systems) actually rose and then held stead for a long period of time after the release of the iPhone and similar smartphones. It was only as recent as 2014 when figures really started to drop, perhaps indicating that the greater availability of photography (thanks to the iPhone) had helped more people to take up the hobby and move on to DSLRs and other more premium cameras (that certainly […]

6 Important Changes Coming to the App Store

The app store is usually the subject of much wailing and gnashing of teeth. It hasn’t changed much since it’s first release and as the app store has grown to contain over 1,000,000 apps the old infrastructure and system has started to fail under the strain. However, in recent months there have been some promising signs and WWDC announced some upcoming features that should make the app store a much better place. with obvious benefits to everyone involved (apart from shady developers) as it will lead to people discovering better apps which ultimately means good developers and Apple are rewarded […]

What The WWDC 2014 Keynote Means For You

The WWDC 2014 keynote on Monday revealed what Apple has been tinkering away at for at least the last year. In the hour and forty minute keynote (which you can watch here) a tag team of Tim Cook, Craig Federighi and a couple of other brief appearances revealed the new user and developer features. By the end of the presentation twitter was filled with praise and negative feedback (most typically, that’s been on Android for etc). But do these changes really matter to you? How are they actually going to impact your use of your Apple devices? That what we […]

4 Apple Related Videos A True Apple Fan Will Love

Over the last few days there have been a string of Apple related videos that I’m sure you’ll love and want to share with your friends. 1. iPhone ringtone Remix Dj MetroGnome took the original iPhone ringtone and turned it into something completely different. If you really like his remix you can even download it as a track or ringtone for free. 2. Your Verse: Esa-Pekka Salonen One of the latest Apple “your verse” adverts which shows off the power of the iPad. In Esa-Pekka’s case, he is a composure and conductor who uses the iPad to record ideas as they […]