Workflow is continuing to get updated

Workflow 1.7.8 Adds ‘Mask Image’ Action, Things Automation Support, PDF Text Extraction, and More – MacStories

In the first update since November 2017, Apple today released version 1.7.8 of Workflow, the powerful iOS automation app they acquired last year.

Last year I shared an article which certainly looked like workflow was not getting any new features. That rumour was wrong and I’m very glad. This has to be a good sign for iPad Pro users and certainly makes me wonder what the long term future holds for workflow.

Apple Plans Upgrades to Popular AirPods Headphones – Bloomberg

The idea for the water-resistant model is for the headphones to survive splashes of water and rain, the people said. They likely won’t be designed to be submerged in water

This feature interests me more than the potential “Hey Siri” detection. I recently picked up some BeatsX just to not worry about sweat damage to my AirPods while working out. Now, the details here are sparse and “water-resistant” doesn’t specify if they will be sweat resistant, but these still sound like positive steps forward. I wonder if the wireless charging airpods case will come out before these new airpods or if they’ll come at the same time.

WatchOS 5 Proposal from Matt Birchler

watchOS 5: A Relatively Modest Proposal

Matt Birchler, the WatchOS reviewer extraordinaire, set out some “modest” proposals for the next version of WatchOS, WatchOS 5. Now, Matt doesn’t work for Apple so these are merely his ideas and wishes but they include some that I’m sure you can relate to. His WatchOS 5 proposals include

  • The ability for third parties to tie in to the Siri Watch Face
  • 3rd party watch faces
  • Ambient watch faces (when the screen isn’t lit up)
  • greater data on watch faces
  • Podcasts on the watch
  • iPhone battery status

I have no doubt that these ideas would help Advance the Apple Watch even further, third party watch faces could be fantastic (but I imagine Apple would want to review them still). I suspect further 3rd party Siri integration requires more third party intergrations in Siri in general (including the iPhone).

Is there anything you’d like to see in the Apple watch? Hit me up on Twitter.