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Jason Snell on the Logitech Base

Six Colors Review logitech base It’s also a bit too upright to do much typing on the software keyboard—this is an angle suited more for watching video than anything else. I suspect this explains a lot about who this device is targeted towards, not necessarily the iPad power user but instead the type of person who watches videos, uses a cookbook app and plays music from their iPad, never really taking it out of the house). Straight from the off I wondered if there was really a place for this stand and if it really did anything better than just […]

Logi Base is a New Smart Connector Equipped Charging Doc

One of the interesting features the iPad Pro shipped with is the smart connector. This little adaptor at the bottom of the iPad Pro had looked like it had been designed for use with a keyboard where a user could plug one in and have a wired transfer of data and power. However, there was the potential of further accessories for the smart connector providing more functionality. Well now after a good few months since the iPad pro was initially announced, there is a finally another smart connector accessory. The Logi Base, a charging doc for the iPad Pro. This […]

Apple Patents Compact Folding Telephoto Lens

Apple patents ultra-compact folding telephoto lens for mobile devices – AppleInsider As someone with an interest in photography, this seems like a really interesting idea, but one with potential issues. One of the reasons I picked up a digital camera was to get optical zooming lenses. Since getting one I changed mindset and actually adopted a fixed focal length camera but that is beside the point. The ability to optically zoom is a great advantage for a camera and this looks like a clever way to add this feature in a small compact design. However, there is still a moving […]

MacStories Turns 7

MacStories Turns 7 Today, Federico Viticci’s legendary site, MacStories turn 7. It’s a great achievement for any site to stick around so long and in Internet years it must be around 100. A lot of that longevity and success lies in Federicco and his teams direction and brilliant writing and reporting. In case you haven’t heard of Macstories, it is an Apple focused website run by Federicco Viticci, an Italian from a small village, who does now live in Rome. What sets MacStories apart is it is highly iPad focused, it also focused on long in depth content and “stories” rather […]

The Macs Apple Was Selling in 1996

The Macs Apple Was Selling in 1996 In recent times I have often seen mentioned a specific moment in Apple’s history — when Steve Jobs came back in 1997 and started streamlining the Macintosh product line as part of the plan to save the company from bankruptcy. This bit tends to surface every time Apple introduces new hardware; there’s always someone pointing out how today’s Apple is slowly reverting to the chaotic product line the company had around 1996, before being simplified by Steve Jobs. But just how chaotic was the Macintosh offering in 1996?   My computer lab at […]