How Apple Created Portrait Lighting

Apple recently put out a short video detailing their process for creating the Portrait Lighting effects. Now admittedly this is a marketing video and so it’s not a real time laps of how they created the effect, nor does it show any of the actual offices they used but one of the nice touches is […]

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No New Features Coming To WorkFlow app

No new workflow features coming

Reports from iGeneration seem to suggest that workflow won’t be getting any new updates and is in maintenance mode with only possible bug fixes. This follows Apple’s recent acquisition of Workflow and has been indicated by email’s from customer support which warn that Workflow will only be receiving bug fixes in future updates. This indicates that Apple […]

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No, You Can’t Pair Two AirPods to One iPhone

Apple AirPods

In this video review, Faruk behind iPhonedo reviews the new Apple AirPods and takes a look at a challenge I suspect a few people might come up against. Using a couple of sets of headphones with one device. Check out the review to find out how he gets on, what he makes of the AirPods […]

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