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Why does an app make your home screen?

There are hundreds of thousands of apps in the app store. Some you may have, some you have downloaded, some you didn’t even consider. But even with those, there are hundreds of thousands of apps you will never hear of or see. You won’t even use them…. So what justifies a homescreen app? Why out of these alarmingly large numbers of apps, does one stick out over the other? For myself, it comes down to one simple thing, usage. I use lots of apps, I play lots of games, I change my workflow often, but when things change, so does my home […]

iOS Tips: 3 hidden features you may not know

As a premier mobile operating system, Apple’s iOS packs thousands of useful tools into a small package. In the scant five years since the iPhone’s debut and the three years since the iPad’s public appearance, much has changed in our beloved mobile OS. In fact, with each major iOS update, hundreds of new features get added. It’s easy to miss a few (or a few dozen), especially if Apple’s tweaked an app you don’t use regularly. In addition to some quite practical tweaks to both call-handling and the Mail app, some changes made for accessibility purposes can be put to, shall […]