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How To Add Tasks To Omnifocus Using Siri

One of the key features in a good todo application is the ability to seamlessly add an item and “get it out of your head” some applications have come up with some very clever ways to do this but iOS has some limitations with its design. After all you normally have to: turn on (and unlock) the device open the app click on the option to “add a task” type (or in a few cases, dictate) a task and you are finally done! That’s not a great deal of steps but if you have a brainstorm when walking, running or […]

7 Dead Easy Tricks For Safari on iOS

There are many reasons to choose one web browser or another but on the most obvious reasons to use Safari on iOS is that it is the default browser and you can’t change that. Some apps will let you choose where a link will open, but sooner or later you’re going to come across one which defaults to Safari. As such, it’s worth getting to know some of the ins and outs of Safari on iOS so that you can use it better and get more out of it. Here are some simple tricks that will really enhance your Safari […]

How To Charge Your iPhone Dramatically Faster

It’s a pain in the neck waiting for your iPhone to charge your iPhone, especially when you have very little time to charge your device. However, there are a couple of simple tricks that will lead to your iPhone charging faster. 1. Use An iPad Charger Yes, it’s true, an iPad charger will charge your iPhone faster than using the iPhone charger. If you use the iPad 10w charger, it will push energy faster than the 500ma iPhone charger (likewise the iPhone charger will charge an iPad slower). [note: Don’t believe me? Notice the wording on the official Apple support […]

What is HDR and How Can I Use it on my iPhone?

With the introduction of iOS 4.1 also came HDR to the iPhone, a highly significant feature of the iPhone photo app and a very creative tool in the hands of a skilled iPhone photographer. HDR has since become part of the android ecosystem and there are huge communities on Facebook and Google plus centred on this feature of photo taking. This post will introduce you to HDR, Help you take better photos and make the most of this now integral camera feature on the iPhone. What is HDR? HDR stands for “High Dynamic Range” and is a photographic technique that […]

7 Illuminating Tips To Take Stunning Nighttime Photos With Your iPhone

If you are like me then your iPhone may well be your main or even only camera. There’s no doubt that a DSLR will get you better results and even most point and clicks on the market will also offer you better pictures than the humble iPhone. However, the iPhone’s portability and near constant presence in our lives make it the perfect tool for capturing that unexpected moment. Sometimes these moments come during the day but it isn’t uncommon for them to come at night as well. But getting a great shot with your iPhone involves using a few different […]

If You Don't Use Two Step Verification, Start Now

The internet has gone a bit crazy with the story of Naoki Hiroshima who lost his twitter user name due to some security frauds and blackmailing from a “social media company”. The thing that makes this story so scary is how Naoki followed the security measures that many people would and yet the hacker got round with relative ease and both PayPal and GoDaddy assisted the hacker and hindered Naoki from stopping this from happening. One of the points Naoki makes in the article is that this shows why two step verification is important and why it is especially important […]