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iOS Tips: Turn on LED Flash Notifications

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Although the “ping” of a notification and the buzz from your iPhone are useful ways to be alerted to a new message or important prompt from an App, you might still miss them. If you are hard of hearing, have your phone across the room (and on a soft surface which absorbs the noise from your phone’s speakers or vibrations) then you might want a more visual form of notification. The good news is that you can turn on LED flash notifications where your iPhone will flash to let you know that you have a notification. That’s right, you might […]

4 Ways to Create Depth of Field Photos Without an iPhone 7 Plus

One of the key new features in the iPhone 7 (plus at least) is the dual cameras and their fake depth of field effect. This feature lets you create an effect that previously would have required a dedicated camera with expensive lens to recreate. Unfortunately, not everyone has an iPhone 7 Plus. So here are a few alternative methods for how you can create great looking depth of field and bokeh photos using whatever iOS device you currently have. The Instagram method For a very long time certain camera apps have had fake depth of field and blur effects. Instagram […]

10 New iMessage Features in iOS 10

10 new imessage features in IOS 10

The huge standout feature of iOS 10 has been iMessages. The little updates have helped it move from an app I occasionally use with a couple of people on iPhones, to the app I wish everyone I knew used to communicate with. Whether this will ever happen and I’ll be able to communicate with friends who have Android devices over iMessage will have to remain to be seen (I’m not holding my breath) but there are some great new features in iMessages for iOS 10 that you should really check out. 1. Stickers Stickers have come to iOS 10 and […]

How To Upload SEO Images to WordPress Using an iPad?

One of the things that really annoyed me about using WordPress with my iPad are the issues that arise when you try to upload an image to WordPress. There are a lot of elements to optimizing your images for SEO and social media. Unfortunately, when you upload from an iPad it does so in a way which is very bad for the SEO status of your images. If you want to have good SEO value then they should have a good descriptive name when they are uploaded so the images URL helps with SEO as well as the other elements which […]

How To Set A Default Email Signature on iOS

Have you ever got an email from someone with the infamous “sent from my iPad” or “sent from my iPhone” maybe you’ve even been guilty of doing it yourself. It looks pretty terrible and unprofessional doesn’t it! I’m sure this was a great conversation starter when the iPad first came out but it’s time you (or your friend) rectified this and set up a proper email signature [make sure you share with anyone you know who is still making this noob mistake]. Setting a universal email signature The first step you need to take is to replace your current email […]

How To Instantly Block Contacts On iOS 7

Have you ever had someone pester you on your iPhone? Maybe they’ve fallen out with you or perhaps they just can’t take no for an answer but the end result is the same. They keep trying to message and call you. Well this happened to me! I had some unpleasant business with my ex housemate and it ended up with me moving flat. Unfortunately, this did not stop him from badgering me over message and phone calls. Fortunately, the iPhone has a built in function to block contacts on iOS 7 and it’s really simple to do. In fact there are […]