In app purchases have become the norm for game developers in the app store. It’s rare for a threes! or monument valley to come along and receive mass downloads for a premium price. The norm is an app using one of the various different in app purchase schemes and use the free option to get itself into people’s hands. FFFFF2P is a very tongue-in-cheek game which both uses the free with in app purchase model and critiques it at the same time!

What I Like


The game has three buttons, left, right and jump. You can unlock a double jump option (for coins or money) but other than that, those are your controls! As you move around a monster above you chucks ads and in app purchases down at you trying to crush you! Although it starts easily

The simple game dynamic, great retro graphics and difficult challenge in FFFFF2P makes it highly addictive and great to pick up and put down. You can go on an hour long toilet sitting run or a simple minute or two as you stand in a queue.

Finally, the soundtrack is a great 8-bit retro game tribute that will take you back to your first games console memories.

What I Don’t Like

fffff2p_4Although FFFFF2P is partial satire of the whole in-app purchase model, FFFFF2P still forces you to make an in app purchase. Personally, I didn’t have much issue spending a little money to get the upgrade that give you +50 coins every second. Considering how few coins you get otherwise, this really is the only way to do well in the game and have a hope of purchasing the completion of the game (for a mere 1,000,000 coins!)

Buy/Don’t Buy

if you don’t mind paying $2.99 for FFFFF2P (that is the in app purchase which gives you +50 coins every second) then go for it, if you want a completely free game, then look elsewhere. This is a great critique of some in app purchase games but beware that you will have to pay if you wish to complete it.

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Free App Friday: World Of Tanks Blitz

Sometimes it’s really good fun to just blow things up…trouble is, blowing things up can be dangerous and harmful to people (legal note, please do not blow things up in harmful ways which will hurt others around you) so perhaps you’ll be interested in checking out World Of Tanks, a PC and Xbox 360 game released yesterday which has been ported over to the iPad and iPhone.

This hit game let’s you control a World War Two tank and with your fellow commanders, take on a team of enemy tanks. As you play you gain different types of points, experience and rewards that allow you to upgrade your tank.

What I Like

The control system will be fairly familiar to anyone who has experience with touchscreen shooter games. On the left hand side you have controls for the movement of the tank to drive forward, turn and even special side buttons to turn on a six pence. On the right hand side, if you move your finger across the screen, you change the aim of your turret (and view). To the side is a fire button for the cannon and in game actions such as repair and heal your crew.

All this leads to an easy to get the hang of control system for World Of Tanks Blitz which is great for an online multiple shooter game. So far I’ve had no issue of lag when fighting with fairly sizeable teams against each other. This is a great sign as anyone who has played a game like call of duty will be familiar with the pain of lag preventing you from a brilliant headshot and leading to you being killed. No such issue on World of tanks.

World Of Tanks Blitz has a huge array of tanks which you can unlock overtime as you gain new abilities and upgrades. I haven’t worked out if the teams you face are weighted so highly upgraded tanks face off against each other but this would make a lot of sense to try and balance the game and help new players out in a similar style to Call of Duty.

What I Don’t Like

Unfortunately, as great as the control system is, touch screens are not perfect for this type of dual joystick control. It’s just better to use physical buttons for this style of gameplay but there is nothing the developers can do about this. Of course, there are Wifi and bluetooth controllers (such as razors offerings) coming out so if you really want, that is an option.

The game also runs on a highly complicated freemium model. There are two main forms of credit which are easy to get, experience and silver coins. You get these at the end of each match (I believe you get some no matter how poor your performance). However, there are also gold coins and … these you seem to only get if you spend cash in the app (including a huge $49.99 in app purchase).

These allow you to activate premium mode (giving you double rewards for a limited amount of time), buy tanks or just exchange them for regular rewards. It’s a complicated system which worries me, whenever there are multiple currencies I suspect it is to make me end up in a situation where I have to purchase something to progress. HOWEVER, so far it appears that you do not need to purchase in app credits to play the game. The ambiguity is what worries me.

To credit the developers, this does feel like a high quality game (the graphics are “good” but not great) and it is one you would have spent a decent amount of money on. As such, I would have loved to see a “premium pack” one which gives you a core set of features and perhaps let’s you progress quicker for a decent fee for the developers.

Buy/ Don’t Buy

If you love shooter games and have an interest in World War Two then you’ll probably love this game. It’s simple to get started with and is great fun to pass time. However, be VERY careful with the in-app purchases, you might find yourself having spent far more than you were anticipating.

World of Tanks Blitz
World of Tanks Blitz

Free App Friday: 100 Balls

Do you remember that game where you had a ball on a piece of string, on the other end you had a cup and you had to get the ball into the cup, if you didn’t then you could just try again because the ball is on a piece of string and not across the floor. Well this game isn’t really like that at all. It does have balls, 100 of them, and a few cups though. The game is 100 balls.

100balls1These cups are on a conveyer belt going around the edge of the screen with the balls held in the center, as they go round you can press on the screen and it will let the balls drop out of their container. If they land in the cup, you get point. if they miss, then you lose the balls forever. If you don’t get any balls in a cup once it has passed the collection point, then you lose the cup forever. Pretty simple dynamic right? Well to make it a bit more interesting the cups move faster every time they complete a rotation (putting you up a level) and as the game progresses you get different coloured cups which give you more points than the previous ones.


What I Like

The game dynamic is really simple, just push on the screen and the balls fall. However, a really great touch is the pause is activated by dragging across the screen from right to left. This means you can quickly stop no matter what level you are on and you never get frustrated for losing balls or cups when you miss the pause button.

The game controls also make it the perfect on the go game, one where you can quickly pick it up, start a game and put it down on your commute or while waiting somewhere.

100balls2This app is also one of the best versions of monetisation by the developer. It’s free (which entices people to sign up and give it a go) but if you want to support the developer and remove the adds, there is an inapp purchase for only $0.99 will remove the ads. It isn’t bankruptcy by a million small purchases or intentionally unplayable unless you keep putting in money.

What I Don’t Like

It’s really hard to find a fault with this app. The only negative aspects of the game are the ads which come at the start (though you can understand why the developer added them in and you can remove if you dislike them so much) and the ambiguity over scoring. Generally, the different colours give you more points than the previous ones so if you get a green ball it gives you 2 points where as the standard yellows give you one, however after a certain point it is impossible to track the number of points the colours give you. A guide or reminder in the centre might be a nice touch.

Buy/Don’t Buy

As this game is currently sitting at number one in the free games chart, there is a chance you’ve already downloaded it. However, if you haven’t yet then I suggest you do. It’s the next iOS hit game (and for good reason) so everyone is going to be talking about it and comparing scores, get a head start and insure you are better than your friends.

100 Balls
100 Balls
Price: Free+