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A link to the iCreate tshirts

I finally got round to putting a link on the menu bar to the iCreate tshirts. This is to help people who are interested find these tshirts and see how successfully I can do this little challenge. Looking at the stats to the site so far and Twitter interactions, I know there is a long road ahead and I have helped myself. I suspect this challenge may well be a fail in the short term. To make things worse, work has been extremely difficult and busy recently (I know you’ve all got your tiny violins out) and that has meant that […]

Designing a tshirt on an iPad

So after getting a bit of inspiration for this tshirt design, it’s time to actually design a logo or image to use for the T-Shirt. Luckily there are a selection of great apps on the iPad to make graphics (you’d hope so) many of which are a very natural experience and in my opinion, make it greater than using a desktop designing client, especially for the causal designer (I’m sure pro designers are going to comment and tell me the thousands of things that these iPad apps can’t do but…meh.) However, before going on to the IPad, it’s worth considering […]

Finding Tshirt Design inspiration on an iPad

Clothes are tough to sell. We all need them, but there are so many options out there for people to choose from. To speak in marketing terms, although it is a “must have” people have clothes and so your clothes become a “nice to have”. Trying to sell a “nice to have” is a tough tough game to get into. Your battling against huge companies with long brand histories…so how on earth am I going to get someone to buy a tshirt with my design on it? Well as any good marketer will tell you, you need to go “niche” […]

iPad Challenge 1: Create and Sell Tshirts Online

IPad and iPhone on couch

Almost daily I get a bad Facebook ad for some junkie tshirt based on my surname or university I attended. I hate them but I guess some people must buy them or else there wouldn’t be so many ads. Having said that, I have also purchased my fair share of tshirts from teespring to support podcasts I like and with messages that resonated with me. So I wondered, “Could I make a tshirt store and sell tshirts from just my iPad?” Share Tweet Pin Share Reddit Email WhatsAppShares 0

Welcome to IPad Guild

Welcome to iPad Guild, a new site for people who love using their iPads to get things done and create something new. Ideas aren’t really worth anything. It’s so easy to have an idea, I’m sure you’ve had a few ideas recently yourself. But how many ideas that you’ve had, have lead to anything? I know I’m guilty of this despite our current generation, almost without exception, having access to the tools they need to create something amazing. The Mac and iPad now include the iWork suit as well as tools like GarageBand for free, providing you with the tools […]