TeeSpring Now Useable on the iPad…kind of.

teespring tshirt large

In my Tshirt challenge that I took a while back, I found that the teespring tshirt creator tool was incompatible with the iPad. I’m guessing it was due to using flash. Well, now the teespring tshirt creator tool can be accessed on your iPad. If you head over to teespring, and click on create/sell. Now […]

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Fantastic Apps to Learn a Language on an IPad

Now we have talked about how we are going to learn a language, it’s useful to find some tools and resources to make sure we can learn. Depending on what language you are learning, this will be more easy or difficult to find. For example French or Spanish have a lot of resources to learn, […]

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How to Learn a Language Quicker (a No Bs Guide)

There are lots of guides out there for how to learn a language quickly. Many of them have some good ideas but they also often make use of misleading claims to help justify their bold statements. Basically, they change the finishing line to help themselves cross it. You could probably argue that even native speakers […]

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Learn a Language in 30 days with an iPadĀ 

As I said briefly on the last post the challenge for May is to learn as much of a language in 30 days using just an iPad. This is something that many people want to do and yet often have a lot of issues with which hold them back. Personally, I have some very strong […]

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Make a T-Shirt on an iPad Challenge Summary

Yes you can make and sell a tshirt with just an iPad

So the month is drawing to a close and I thought it would be great to do a roundup post of how the first 30 day iPad challenge went, some takeaways and possible action points for future challenges and ideas (as well as a sneak peak of the next challenge). Yes, you can make and […]

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Working Out A Marketing Campaign For A Tshirt Store on an iPadĀ 

Now we’re into the hard graft and hustle time. It’s no longer a problem of technical difficulties in this tshirt idea. The issue comes down to two factors. Can I make a good enough product (I’m going with simplicity which may be a mistake, I might have to review this half way through the experiment […]

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