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In app purchases have become the norm for game developers in the app store. It’s rare for a threes! or monument valley to come along and receive mass downloads for a premium price. The norm is an app using one of the various different in app purchase schemes and use the free option to get itself into people’s hands. FFFFF2P is a very tongue-in-cheek game which both uses the free with in app purchase model and critiques it at the same time! What I Like The game has three buttons, left, right and jump. You can unlock a double jump […]


There are hundred of text editing apps out. Some serve very unique and clever purposes for unique individuals and others are just plain old word processors. In general, I like keeping my devices streamlined with only a few apps (and one for each function). However, I have a selection of text apps that allow me to carry out different functions. Vesper, an app from John Grubber and Brett Simmons is the latest addition to my collection and one I recommend. It is build as an app to collect your thoughts, be they notes, ideas, or even to do lists! But […]

My iPhone Photography WorkFlow

If you are like me then you’ll love taking photos on your iPhone. In fact, it is my main photography tool and It’s quite possible that Apple has become one of if not the largest camera company in the world thanks for the iPhone. Although having a good eye is important to insure that you take a good photo (after all, you can only do so much with a bad photo), the tools you use to capture, edit and publish your photos can help you get the most from your photos. As such I thought I’d share with you my […]

Get To InBox With Dispatch Email App

Managing email is a tough task. in many ways, it mimics the mental dilemma that we face everyday with people making requests upon us for our time, attention and money. In our every increasingly connected world we are increasingly losing the previous rest we had between our incoming requests and demands. In order to not only stay productive but more importantly sane, we need a good solution for managing out email. With that in mind I recently changed my iPhone email management solution from Mailbox to dispatch when they launched version 2.0 and I have not regretted it. But is […]

10 Outstanding Soccer World Cup 2014 Apps

Soccer fans rejoice! This Thursday the Soccer World Cup 2014 kicks off with the hosts Brazil facing Croatia. If you’re a soccer fan then this is THE hight of the year (and it only comes every four years) so you’ll no doubt want to keep up with all the action and get involved. Luckily, your Mac and iOS device can help you stay in the loop and follow your team (and all the others) as they compete to be the best team in the world. Calendar One of the simplest steps you can take is to add the official dates of […]

What makes a tool (or app) sticky? And why you should care

Every now and again a tool or new app comes a long which everybody raves about. “You have to try it! This is the best [insert catagory] app every!” Sometimes these tools live up to the hype and become a mainstay on your dock or homescreen, but other times they just don't stick. You may love them for a short time but in the long run they don't have any lasting power. But what separates a “sticky” app from the rest and how can you predict if you will stick with an app. Here are some factors that can help […]