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Twitterrific 5 for iPhone Review

The beauty of a social network like Twitter is the ease of use and the experience you get when following others who share all their wisdom in 140 characters. The foundation of this service was made for mobile. I was a huge Tweetbot for iOS user. The app is powerful, pretty and very useful. The only thing that I didn’t enjoy so much was the robot-like look of the app. I’m a big fan of simplicity and negative space. When I learned that Twitterrific released version 5 of their iOS app, I purchased it right away and I have to […]

Reeder and Feedbin Sitting in a Tree

When Reeder announced that it was going to support Feedbin as an RSS provider, many RSS faithful cringed their teeth. First, because nobody knows what Feedbin was. Second, because after doing a search for them, they soon realized that Feedbin was a paid RSS service. So, here we have the wounded RSS fans who are still getting over their breakup with Reader after Google pulled the plug, and now they can’t imagine paying money for RSS feeds. Welcome to the age of the internet! However, after a few pints of ice cream and a little common sense, people started realizing that […]

Gmail’s iOS app now with swipe controls!

Google has updated its Gmail app to version 2.1, adding swipe controls that allow users to navigate backwards and forwards through emails without returning to the inbox. Pretty damn sweet if you ask me. If you would have asked what I used for mail about two weeks ago I would have said I swore by the Mail app. Why? Well for starters, the Mail app could use exchange to push emails from Google (notice I said could) and with my work allowing me to utilize my iPhone, It was a no brainer. Both work and personal email on my iPhone […]

Tweetbot for Mac gets updated to 1.2.2

The good folks over at Tapbots have graciously released an update for their MAc product, Tweetbot. Version 1.2.2 of the Mac centric (we love this!) Twitter client includes a number of new features along with the all too obvious bug fixes. When Tapbots introduced the world to Tweetbot for Mac in late 2012 there was a decision to be made. Tweetbot has a larger price tag of 19.99. For someone such as myself who now lives without any form of plastic is his wallet, it seemed far off. Well since the client is amazing on my iPhone, the plunge was taken. I haven’t looked back and […]

Apple updates Podcasts app to version 1.2

Apple’s own Podcasts app has received an update to version 1.2. Lately the wife and I have been into listening to Podcasts, I must admit I have listened to only a handfull of Podcasts. The app is simple and does it’s job, we honestly haven’t played with it at all. The update brings with it a few new features along with bug and stability fixes. The list of new additions to the app are below: • Create custom stations of your favorite podcasts that update automatically with new episodes • Choose whether your stations begin playing with the newest or oldest unplayed episode • Your stations […]