4 Shortcut Improvements I’d Like to See

The upgrades to workflow really did justify a new name. While the improvements to Shortcuts have been great, I can still see ideas for further improvements that would make shortcuts even better. 1. Custom share menu Activating a shortcuts from the share menu is okay, but I’d like to be able to create a custom…

Affinity Designer for iOS released ->

Affinity Designer for iOS released

Affinity designer is a new vector graphic design tool. It’s equivalent to illustrator from Adobe. There are other options out there (I have a few) including

But I instantly bought Affinity designer to give it a go. After all Affinity Photo has been so good, I’ve not been fully satisfied with the aforementioned apps and I want to encourage more Pro iPad app development.

P.S. I really can’t wait for the long promised Affinity Publisher (it’s not even on the Mac yet though)