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Apple’s New IFTTT applets

If you’d asked me a couple of weeks ago whether Apple would add greater support for IFTTT to some of their apps and services, I’d have said it was almost a certain no (the almost would have been to save your feelings from getting hurt by laughing in your face). Yet here we are and Apple has indeed added IFTTT support to calendars and the app store. Let’s check it out. A brief history of IFTTT I’ve been a long time user of IFTTT for lots of little things. Sometimes services like keeping my Twitter and Facebook profile pictures in […]

Associates: Easily create Amazon Affiliate links on iOS

One of the tasks that shows how iOS and using apps can be a lot more efficient that using a desktop is affiliate links to the app store. The amazing Blink by Jon Voorhees makes it really simple to search for and then create an affiliate link to an app store item. Well now he’s taken that knowledge and applied it to the amazon affiliate programs with associate. A bit about blink Although affiliate links were fairly simple to generate (simply adding your affiliate code to the end of a link to the correct page) the real issue was in […]

Fantastic Apps to Learn a Language on an IPad

Now we have talked about how we are going to learn a language, it’s useful to find some tools and resources to make sure we can learn. Depending on what language you are learning, this will be more easy or difficult to find. For example French or Spanish have a lot of resources to learn, but Welsh or basque…not so much. With that in mind i’m linking to some general resources as well as the Welsh resources I’ve specifically tried using. Frequency lists One of the best tools you can get your hands on is a decent frequency list. You […]

Must have Apps for your Mac

When I first switched to a Mac years ago it was harder than I believe it would be today. There were gaps, there were annoyances, and to be honest it was pretty slow. But in this day and age it is so much better. The apps are stronger, the OS is better and more stable, the gap is next to nothing if not easier to use than Windows. The list of apps that I wanted to go through are Mac centric apps that I feel are worth every penny spent, and something I honestly use daily. I will start with […]


In app purchases have become the norm for game developers in the app store. It’s rare for a threes! or monument valley to come along and receive mass downloads for a premium price. The norm is an app using one of the various different in app purchase schemes and use the free option to get itself into people’s hands. FFFFF2P is a very tongue-in-cheek game which both uses the free with in app purchase model and critiques it at the same time! What I Like The game has three buttons, left, right and jump. You can unlock a double jump […]


There are hundred of text editing apps out. Some serve very unique and clever purposes for unique individuals and others are just plain old word processors. In general, I like keeping my devices streamlined with only a few apps (and one for each function). However, I have a selection of text apps that allow me to carry out different functions. Vesper, an app from John Grubber and Brett Simmons is the latest addition to my collection and one I recommend. It is build as an app to collect your thoughts, be they notes, ideas, or even to do lists! But […]