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I often see these hybrid tablet/laptop devices being promoted as the solution for getting real work done. The Surface devices are the usual choice, but the Pixelbook also gets a good showing here. The question I always have when I see one of these devices is “I’m sure it’s a good/better laptop, but is it a good tablet?”

This was one of the things the original iPad did so well, when you compared it to the Windows 7 tablets of the time, it was half the weight and had far better battery life.

These two factors made it far superior for the in-between phone and desktop tasks that Steve Jobs presented it for.

Not designed for touch

I actually tried a Windows RT tablet when it first came out before I had bought an iPad and the main issue – a side from the lack of software – I experienced was nothing was really designed for touch. Okay, there were some rare exceptions to this rule including some ports of applications, but this still seems to be true for many of the alternative tablet options. Windows 10 needs to prioritize mouse interfaces as they are still dominant, Chrome apps are similar and there are about five actual Android tablet apps and the rest are just large phone apps. Admittedly not the same point I was making above but it’s also a problem.

I chose an iPad because it’s a better tablet

Last year I was looking at getting an iPad Pro, my first iPad upgrade. I knew it would be a better iPad but I wasn’t sure if it would be the best device for me. So I weighed up what tasks I needed to do and what friction points I had. I considered what I couldn’t currently do thanks to my set up and what I wished would be better.

Then I considered alternative tablets and even laptops (the Macbook one) to see if there was a better device that would suit me.

Back then, a better tablet was the right choice for me. Due to my work and tasks I did, it made sense to value the portability, the touch interface and great apps. With my new job that equation has changed both in favour and against the iPad.

What about the Microsoft Go

So Microsoft has a new tablet, it’s called the Go and it’s cheaper, smaller and has some nice addons compared with the previous surface tablets. But is it a good tablet? It’s running windows 10 in S mode (where you can only get apps from the app store), seems to boost some good spec but I have concerns.

Every picture seems to show it with a smart cover attached suggesting that its not really thought to be used without the cover.

I won’t be upset if the Microsoft Go is a better tablet, If someone else offers a better device for my needs then that’s what I’ll use. It may happen soon as my needs have changed since I started this site.

But for now, I’m sticking with the iPad.

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