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If you have been living under a rock you have missed it. Missed the barrage of terrible looking, bubble ridden, plastic cases folks are calling the “budget” iPhone.

It’s cheap looking, the images are terrible quality and the overall thought behind it is troubling. It begs the simple question:

Does a budget iPhone cheapen Apple’s image?

Apple has always been a company that prides itself on design and manufacturing that still to this day cannot be beat. The design of the MacBook Air was and still is something that is sought after. Companies clamor at the idea of their designs. Samsung owes them millions due to copying their designs.

Since the early days of the Lisa, Apple was not shy to charge almost 10,000 dollars for their beloved machine. The Macs that followed didn’t waiver a bit when the PC market took on a cheaper business model. Apple hung tough. Through ups and downs of company woes, CEO movements, and deaths, Apple has hung on.

MacBooks, MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, iPads, iMacs, and now the ever amazing Mac Pro, Apple has always charged more than the other guys. Why? Because they can.

The world is aware that Apple products are amazing, they last, they are made well, they are well thought out and each and every function of our beloved iDevices were thought out and change probably thousands of times before we got our hands on it.

Never do you see Apple sales, buy one get one, get 40% off, IF you see anything it’s 100 dollars off as part of their Education packages. They don’t need to be on sale, people pay for what they want, and what they want is a solid product.

Apple delivers.

Customers are happy, so why change things?

We now sit on the brink of something disturbing, a cheapened Apple product. A market that Apple has not entered, ever. A budget iPhone has been called out too many times to call it a rumor now. A cheaper version of the phone that changed the world. Like it or not, the iPhone revolutionized things in the smartphone arena.

A product made out of cheaper materials, one that mimics the largest reason for most folks for avoiding Android, an alternative to the real thing. Who wants that? We already have Samsungs and other companies that are willing to sell out, and cheat and lie and steal designs, hardware and more. Leave that petty stuff for other companies.

If you want an iPhone save for it, get a second job to afford it, or don’t get it at all. Apple, please don’t lower your standards to offer something for the shear fact of making more money. Don’t sell out to become more well liked in a realm that will always be yours to own.

So I sit here confused and a bit perturbed with the swirling of this “budget” iPhone coming this fall. I dont know what to make of it. I have not lost faith in Apple, this move makes me consider my next purchase though.  I will never use Android, ever!, but it makes me pause.

Does a budget iPhone cheapen Apple’s image? Does it ruin your view of the esteemed company?  Does it show a little bit of Post-Steve that you don’t want to see yet? Let us know in the comments below what you think.

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