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Dropbox and Google drive have a pretty strong hold on the personal cloud storage game by offering great collaboration and a reliable service (a few rumoured DDoS attacks which were really upgrading bugs aside). There are other service who offer cloud storage solutions which we looked at in our round up of personal cloud storage solutions. Generally the other options suffered in one of two ways, they either were very expensive or offered a poor service (or both!)

For our round up I looked at Box, the cloud service that emerged around the same time as dropbox but didn’t gain the same amount of market share and it was more expensive than dropbox and Google. However, Box has just made a move for iOS users that might do a good job of convincing you to use them as your personal cloud storage solution.

50gb Free When You Sign In To The New Box iOS App

That’s right, to try and shift you across Box is offering you 50GB if you login to their new iOS app within the next 30 days. Just to make it clear, 50GB is more than tripple what the next largest service providers (copy and Google Drive) offer you for free. That should be enough for storing your photos, personal documents and files you want to share with people.

The New App

However, focusing on the free storage really misses half the story. The new app is fast, stupidly fast. The animations between files is seemless and it continues once you’ve opened an PDF and flick between the pages. While Dropbox gives you a scrolling screen, Box let’s you flick between the pages and has chosen to keep page animations even once other apps have minimised this detail or removed it entirely from their reading expereince.

Not only that but the abilities to search for words within documents and a new photo viewer have highly enhanced the whole experience of using the app. One feature that is notably absent is an automatic photo upload feature similar to Dropbox or Loom. You can get similar functionality from CameraSync, a permium third party app, but it feels like a strangely common feature to be absent.

Check out the video

Although box is targetting personal users with the 50GB offer, the video clearly shows it’s larger corporate aims. By getting into enough personal users hands there is the chance it can push their companies into using their service as well and that is where the real money is.

Whether this is enough to move you away from your current cloud storage provider is up to you, but 50GB of free data storage isn’t something to be sniffed at. I actually have 50GB from box from a previous deal I signed up for meaning I have a stagering 100GB free more than enough for my own personal use and freeing up space on other more limited services.

Download Box now and get 50GB free.

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