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Do you love working in coffee shops? There are lots of people who go down to coffee shops to get some work done. in fact some even spend all day there (Starbucks squatters as they’ve come to be known) Many attribute it to the caffeine boost from the coffee but there is also evidence that it’s actually the sound that helps boost people’s productivity and more importantly creativity.

The summary of several research papers show moderate noise levels (around 70 decibels) boost creativity. whereas, high levels of noise and low levels can be distracting and stifle creativity. Furthermore, the random variations in background sound (like what happens in a conversation) also help promote creativity more than just blank white noise.

What Is Coffitivity

Coffitivity was original a website with some different background noise simulations of coffee shops so that you could recreate those creative enhancing environments (though you’ll have to supply the caffeine!). It’s not just coffee shops though there are also environments like university campuses and lunchtime environments.

However, if you find yourself in an internet free environment then you can also download the Mac or iOS app. This has the same samples but can also be mixed with a track from your iTunes library on your device, meaning you can also listen to your music and vary the mix from majoritively coffitivity to majoritively iTunes.

Give It A Go

This might not be right for everyone. After all some people insist on silence when working but it’s worth giving a go purely from the point of view that there is scientific evidence that this will boost your productivity. In fact, you may find that you can get all the increased benefits of working in a coffee shop without the financial burden of shelling out for a venti soy skimmed macchiato.

Me, well I still like getting out, stretching my legs and going somewhere different so I don’t think this will completely stop me from my coffee shop squatting.

Head over to , iOS app or Mac app Store and download the app to give it a try and boost your productivity.

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