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Blotter: A living, breathing calendar for your desktop

The calendar is one of the pillars of a successful productivity system. Today, we live and die on our calendars. From business meetings and deadlines to birthday and anniversaries, we rely on a trusty calendar program. The problem with most calendar programs is that they have to be launched in order to access. What would happen if your calendar was a living, breathing organism that was never too far from your workspace eye?
Blotter for the Mac attempts at doing just that. Their approach is very unique and very different from most of the dozen or so popular calendar apps available for OS X. Once you install the app from the App store and launch it (just the first time), your complete calendar(s) and reminders will make a home on your desktop.

The calendar itself works best as a display of your actual calendar than a full-fledge calendar app itself. Though you have many basic functions like adding an entry and modify any existing meetings or events, it falls short of being a complete package. The application’s greatest strength lies in giving you a birds-eye view of your complete calendar so that you are always aware of what lies ahead.

Blotter give you some basic display options of how you want to display your calendar. Whether you want to see your whole week or just focus on today, you can modify its settings to your liking. If you ever work with different spaces, Blotter will show up on each space with ease.

Blotter is a different type of calendar app and it does exactly what it says it does. This may not fit well with the power users who are consistently adding, modifying and creating calendar entries on a daily basis, but for the average person, it fits right in.

The only gripe I have with the application is the visual representation when you have a very busy wallpaper. Some of the transparencies and colors of the calendar didn’t mix well with one of my desktop images. This is not a fault of the actual application, but the style of the individual user.

Overall, Blotter is a good looking app that gives life to your calendar on your Mac desktop.

Blotter is available on the Mac App store.

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