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Back to School iPad Apps

With the start of the new school and college years, it’s time to get your tools together that you will use to effectively study and produce your assignments at collage or school. The iPad is the perfect device for studying with due to its portability and power allowing it to aid and easy both your study and production of graded material. However, there are some apps that are either necessary or very useful for studying or production.

In this video we start by looking at organisational tools, then assignment production tools, before moving on to textbooks and other resources to find out new information before finally some apps to switch off.

Although many of these apps are relevant to students, they are also useful for non-students who want to be productive and continue their own learning and advancement.



Calendars are great for staying on top of social, work and study commitments. They’ll also help you track when assignments are due and you can share them with family members.

Task Management

The busier you are, the more vital a task management tool becomes. These help you break down your projects and monitor your progress on different tasks.


Taking notes is important at different stages of study including research, planning and collaborating. There are lots of different tools including the built in Apple notes. But there are some more exclusive options which provide interesting options including audio recording.


The built in Pages tool is free and offers many functions, but you may well need to grab Microsoft word and a Office 365 subscription for a larger iPad.


Like words, presentations can also be produced with Keynote (a free Apple app) but Powerpoint is a good alternative.


Mindmapping is a great way to plan assignments and organise notes. Some people love it, others…not so much. Mindnode allows you to organise text, pictures and links.


Documents from Readdle will help you organise your files and send them between different apps.


Reading is what the iPad excels at and there are a few great tools you might want to check out.


Getting references are a pain in the neck (especially if you need to change referencing style). Easybib helps you get your references right and quickly!



Of course some people will need very specific apps relevant to their subjects and as we are individuals, what you like may not be the same thing that I like. As such I’d love to know.

What apps do you use to learn and study?

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