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Automatic – iOS and your Car!

Every once in a while, innovation comes along. An idea so simple, yet fantastic. It amazes us all the while making us envious we didn’t think of the idea ourselves.
An idea so simple, so well done, and one that fits right into everyday life. Can we ask for more?

Simplicity is such a thing of beauty, especially when it helps us. iOS combined with your car is a brilliant idea. Why not utilize the onboard computers in our cars to teach us how to better use our cars, save gas, check and notifiy us if our engine is going bad. All through our lovely push notifications!

Well, the makers behind Automatic got it right!

The Automatic Link talks to your car’s onboard computer and uses your smartphone’s GPS and data plan to upgrade your car’s capabilities. Every Automatic Link works with both iPhone and Android.

The Automatic Link works with just about any gasoline engine car sold in the United States since 1996.

This little gadget helps on saving gas, calls emergency when you are in a car accident, even helps you drive more efficiently. With the use of Bluetooth technology, it literally speaks with your car’s on board computer and communicates back to you any issues.

Amazing! And I want one, now!

Drive Smarter, Save Big

Automatic helps you make small changes in your driving habits
that can lead to huge savings on gas over time.


If you own a car and an iPhone, for 69 dollars this is a no brainer.

You can head on over to and pre-order your’s now. I am excited to get my hands on one of these and see what it can really do!


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