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Auto Updates & iOS 7

iOS 7 beta has been a great expereince thus far. The look and feel is headed in the right direction. The features are all welcomed changes and additions.
Well almost all of them.

As with any beta there are issues, settings, missing functions and more. But the new feature of Auto Updates either is not working well or designed poorly.

When announced via WWDC, I was not super thrilled about Auto Update for apps, but honestly really didn’t put much thought into it outside of Macdaily’s realm.

For a writer, the update is a way to fill a void. It’s a way to alert you, our readers, with the latest and greatest info on the apps you love.

When Apple decided to put this little update into iOS 7, it wasn’t thinking of writer’s who cover these apps.

I have had several updates while I slept and unless I noticed a very small “blue dot” to the left of the app, or gone into the newly design update tab in the App Store, I would have had no idea.


The App Store app now holds the updates. It shows what has been updated and on what date.

It’s a pretty neat interface.

image (1)

The “new” app ribbon is gone, possibly just in this beta version, but it’s hard to distinguish between whats new and whats not in iOS 7.

Instead of needing to go into the App Store app to update, now apps automagically update for you. Granted you are on a wifi network (if necessary). There are notifications for the App Store but I don’t have any outstanding for the apps that have updated.

The function of “waiting” while an app is downloading and installing is still there but not called out. This may not be a bad thing overall. Less is more in terms of notifications.

So while it’s a great concept, I think it’s something I would love to be able to turn off. I have heard rumors saying that in future beta iterations we will see a toggle.

We can only wait for the next beta and see what else is added or tweaked.

Hit us up on Google+ and Twitter and let us know your thoughts about Auto Updates. Do you like them or?

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