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Associates: Easily create Amazon Affiliate links on iOS

One of the tasks that shows how iOS and using apps can be a lot more efficient that using a desktop is affiliate links to the app store. The amazing Blink by Jon Voorhees makes it really simple to search for and then create an affiliate link to an app store item. Well now he’s taken that knowledge and applied it to the amazon affiliate programs with associate.

A bit about blink

Although affiliate links were fairly simple to generate (simply adding your affiliate code to the end of a link to the correct page) the real issue was in finding the correct item to link to. Sure you could log into the affiliate area and search from there, or search on the iTunes webpage but it required first going to the correct spot. Blink solves that issue by creating a simple app to open which would search the right app store and generate the code seamlessly and correctly each time.

I used it a fair but but wondered why there wasn’t a good version for the amazon affiliate market place, the other store I frequently used. Well, not there is.


Associates takes the same great approach to linking as blink did however there are some key differences. The first is that unlike the App Store, often items in the Amazon App Store are different in different regions. This means you have to specify which store you want to search (though you can switch).

The search also takes place within the website for the Amazon app store so you have the search functionality of the Amazon website but finding an item brings the affiliate link much quicker than trying to fiddle with the mobile website and highlight the associate item.

Click here to get Associate: Simple Affiliate Linking for Amazon

Click here to get Blink: Better Affiliate Links

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