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As promised, Amazon pulls all Apple TV hardware from its online store

Earlier this month, Amazon planned to remove all Apple TV hardware from its online store and true to its word, today all Apple TV hardware has been removed. Searching on the Amazon store for an Apple TV will yield no results for the actual units. The removal comes into effect just as the new Apple TV’s go on sale.

Absolutely no Apple TV’s are sold on the online store, not by Amazon directly or by third-party merchants. It’s not only the Apple TV that has been removed, Google’s Chromecast is also no longer available from Amazon. However, some Apple TV accessories are still available on Amazon’s online store.

Amazon says that the removal aims to reduce “customer confusion” over streaming media players that don’t “interact well with Prime Video”, Amazon’s streaming video service.

Still no idea why Amazon don’t developer their own app for tvOS, like other rivals.

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