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Are You Loyal To The Apple Ecosystem?

As a human we are all loyal to our spouses, design, brands, companies, sports teams and a million other things. Are you a loyalist to something?

Loyal definition: faithful to a cause, ideal, custom, institution, or product

Macdaily has a few loyalist amongst it’s ranks. I for one would say I am loyal to Apple. Fanboys on down are loyal to the ecosystem that Apple has introduced and continually builds for us all. But does that make you a true loyalist. If HTC built a sweet looking phone (better than the HTC One) would you jump ship and swim ashore of another ecosystem? What if Alienware built an amazing gaming rig with a design like the Macbook Air?

Is everyone who uses an iDevice or owns a Macbook a loyalist?

In a recent survey released this week by Forrester, the majority of computer users (over 85%) have little loyalty to a particular brand or company. Surprised? But with the 15% or so left, who do you think dominates in brand loyalty?

If you guessed anything but Apple, please leave now!


Apple seems to be sitting at around 56% of that pie and continues to grow. But what does loyalty truly mean. As part of this survey the guys over at Forrester narrowed it down for us just a bit.

They broke the users into three main categories. Which do you fit into?

  • The Free Radicals, who have little to no loyalty. This group consists of two subgroups: those who own exactly one type of device and those who own multiple devices, all of which come from a different ecosystem.
  • The Loyalists, who have moderate or divided loyalty. This group is made up of those using multiple devices, a majority of which — but not all — are tied to a single ecosystem.
  • The Devotees, who are strongly loyal to a single ecosystem. This segment consists of those using multiple devices, all of which come from a single ecosystem.

Where do you fit, are you one of the 59% in the US that is loyal to Apple and their products, marketing, machines and more? I am. I would put myself in the Devotees category. I live by my Macbook Air and my iPhone is always with me. Oh and by the way I founded and run a Mac centric community!

Where do you fit, does it surprise you at all?

Source [Forrester via CNN]

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  1. This is a tough one for me. When I like a product I tend to strongly support it. However, if something truly amazingly better comes along I admit to have a wandering eye. Perhaps that is just the geek in me.
    I own no less than 14 Apple items between iDevices, Laptops, Desktop, Apple TV, etc… And if a watch comes out there is a decent chance I will get that too. Most people know me as an Apple Slappy, but I have a hard time accepting that.

    I was a big IBM guy many years go, and then Dell came along and caught my attention. While I loved Apple design, I basically thought of their products as a joke. That was until they went to OS X (Unix backend) and the Intel chip. Suddenly Apple had products that not only looked amazing, but were fully functional in most of the areas I work in.

    So, I fully support Apple at this point because overall, with a few exceptions, they are providing me with what I need to get my work done and feel good while I do it. If they were to ever break that trust and another alternative were to arise, I can’t say I would leave Apple.

    Not sure where that puts me. Like I said, if you looked at my device count you could certainly surmise that I was a Loyalist or maybe even a Devotee. But while I really am in love with what Apple is doing and the direction they are going, I could switch if they didn’t fulfill my needs. I guess I would almost float between a strong Loyalist with Free Radical tendencies.