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It’s not surprising that iOS 7’s new look is polarizing. If you are a developer, you know that you have to provide a new redesign to your apps if you want them to fit right in. However, there are a few apps that I currently have on my iPhone that feel right at home on iOS 7. You have to give kudos to them for seeing the power of simplicity and “light” when it came to designing their apps.

Here are the apps that I own that fit perfectly on iOS 7:



We’ve talked about the beauty of this app before. It’s my go-to app and the design has proven to be a perfect fit for iOS. The beauty of each swipe, look and typography makes this app a natural fit. Kudos to the Icon Factory for skating where the puck was going to be.


Qbranch released their first app shortly before iOS 7 was announced. I really enjoy the simple and design aesthetics they polished for this app. They took a different more flat approach to make this app and it fits perfectly with iOS 7. Their use of Ideal Sans as a font is also worth mentioning. Though the app uses a blueish hue for the top chrome, it still fits well into iOS 7. The animations also look very iOS 7’ish. Great job!


This has become my go-to email app. Though the built-in actions are what makes this app great, you can see how the transparencies and animations fit perfectly in with iOS 7. The white throughout the app together with translucent bars on top and bottom make this app one of the best examples of how an email client should look on iOS 7.

Yahoo Weather

Yes, the icon still looks like it was beaten with an ugly stick, but the app, with the glassy transparency makes it look like the native iOS7 weather app. It’s no coincidence that Apple’s weather app’s data is provided by Yahoo. It looks like Apple copied the look of this app (except for animations). Yahoo has really done something special with this weather app. If they only took that approach to the icon. Ugh!


This app is an example of what design and usability should look like on a smartphone. Beautiful, simple, and a perfect example of intuition makes this a good “template” of what apps should look like. This one fits perfectly in with iOS 7’s approach to design. Very impressed with how good this app looks (it’s a fine game also).


Dropbox change their icon and app design a few months ago, and it almost looks like they knew how iOS 7 was going to look. The blue and white looks like it fits perfectly together. This app feels like it was a native iOS app. Very well done.


Rdio’s new design also shines on iOS 7. Seriously, the white, translucency and animations make it feel like the new music app (minus the pinkish red (which I like)). Their icon also fits well with the new iOS 7 icons.

These apps are just a few examples of developers who decided to take a different approach than most apps who relied heavily on previously used templates for app design. They basically threw the book out and started a new design approach, and it has paid off perfectly into the new design of iOS 7. There are a few apps that will not make the cut on my iOS 7 screen if they don’t make any effort to fit in with the new design. I hope they take this very seriously, because as good as functionality is to an app, looks are just as important. Here’s hoping developers are busy redesigning their apps.

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