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Apple’s ‘If it’s not an iPhone’ ad campaign gets a minisite

As part of it’s ‘If it’s not an iPhone’ ad campaign, Apple took the promotion even further by creating a minisite that showcases all the great things about the iPhone, from keeping your device secure with Touch I.D. to the tech behind the great camera

The new minisite design mimicks that of other Apple core products, like the iPhone 6 and the new 13-inch Macbook

A brief introduction explaining the ethos of the iPhone:

As you scroll down the page, an iPhone 6 remains fixed on the left side while the display cycles through screenshots and motion graphics.

Each section of the minisite runs through the highlights of an iPhone, including hardware/software syncronicity, camera functions, apps, Touch I.D. resistance to malware, Apple Pay, health tracking and accessibility functions.

The final section ends with

and three links, one to purchase the latest iPhone 6, another to learn how to switch, and another to learn more.

Check out the ‘If it’s not an iPhone’ minisite here

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