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Apple updates App Store search algorithms to display more relevant and intelligent results

According to TechCrunch, Apple has been hard at work to make App Store search results more relevant and smarter. The change, apparently introduced early November, was first noticed by a few app developers, while more notable changes were more apparent the past few days.

In the past Apple has focused more on the algorithms for the Top Free, Grossing and Paid apps which affect the returned results for those categories.

This is great news for developers as users can easily find their apps when searching relating keywords. For example, Tweetbot 4 developer, Paul Haddod, searched “Twitter” on the App Store and was presented with actual relevant results. Previously, if you searched for Twitter, you’d get Instagram popping up in the first couple of ‘relevant’ search results, Instagram does pop up but it does so a little further down the list.

App Store search results are now ranked based on a mix of contextual keywords. This is the first time Apple has ranked apps for keywords not found in the title or ‘keyword’ field of an app.

Anyone else noticed a difference recently?

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