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For the next 24 hours, you can download the Latest U2 single “Invisible” for free. Not only that but The Bank Of America will also donate $1 to the Product (Red) campaign for every download (up to a total of $2 million) to help the fight against Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria. You can watch the Super Bowl Promotion video below.

This isn’t the first for Apple and U2 to collaborate over Product (Red). Bono, of course, helped found the company in 2006 after the ONE and Apple was one of the first partners along with Nike, American Express, Gap, and even Motorola.

Apple has put out a range of Product (Red) products over time starting with the iPod Nano in October 2006 and now including iPod Shuffle, Nano, Touch, and iPad and iPhone cases and covers. (I have the iPhone Product (Red) case on my iPhone 5S partially because everything is cooler in Red but also for the ethical donations). In total, Apple’s Product (Red) products have generated more than $65 million.

There are, however, criticisms of the Product red campaign with regard to it its effectivity and for profit nature compared to “non for profit”. The latest initiative will probably not silence all the critics and criticism, however, the lack of payment and donations push this initiative more towards the non profit sector.

The song itself is a pretty catchy U2 song with drum machines, synthesised guitar sounds, echo, delay and Bono blasting out the vocals. What’s not to like? Bono has stated that this won’t be the first single from the new Album but is instead a preview of what is to come.

You can download “Invisible” by clicking here.


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