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Apple says Search Ads and Subscription Enhancements are coming to the App Store

Apple shared some major details about the upcoming changes to the App Store ahead of next weeks WWDC. The changes include the introduction of Search Ads and Subscription Enhancements. More after the jump.

Search Ads

As the name suggests, Search Ads will allow developers to promote their apps within App Store search results, allowing customers to discover or reengage with their apps, while respecting user privacy. Developers get paid when their ads are clicked and ads are only shown if they are relevant to the search query, if they’re not relevant, they won’t be shown, regardless of how much the developer is willing to pay. Learn more about Search Ads.

Subscription Enhancements

Apps in all App Store categories (including games) will soon be eligible to offer auto-renewal subscriptions, something that was previously limited to specific app categories. This new model also means developers will receive more revenue for qualifying subscriptions after one year. Currently, Apple takes a 30% cut from all paid apps, while the developer gets 70%, but under the subscription model, Apple will drop their cut to 15% after a subscriber accumulates one year of paid service, earning developers a healthy 85% revenue. Learn more about Subscriptions.

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