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Apple Pay Finally Coming to Poland?

Apple Pay coming to 3 new countries soon | 9to5Mac

Confirming earlier speculation, Cook said that Apple Pay will launch in Norway, Poland, and Ukraine over the “next several months.”

As a resident of Poland I got very excited at the news of Apple pay finally coming to Poland in Q1 2018 and yet it never came.
I still find it hard to believe it has taken this long to come to Poland as Poland has contactless down even better than the UK which is often touted over the US. Every corner shop offers the option of “paypass” or “touch” and if you go over the limit of around £10 you just enter your pin. Last time I was in the UK I got confused when I tried to pay with contactless and then had to enter my card into the chip reader like an animal.
Announcing the expansion in an earnings call has to be a good signs that it is coming soon…it has to be right.

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