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Apple Pay arrives to HSBC and First Direct customers…kind of

Apple Pay arrived in the UK earlier this month, with many major high street banks supporting the service, including Natwest, RBS, Halifax and more. The initial date leak was ironically by HSBC who has just got the service today (July 28th) after a 2 week delay. As well as First Direct customers, HSBC customers are reporting problems when trying to use Apple Pay.

The problems both HSBC and First Direct customers are facing are verification problems, this could be due to high demand.

Some customers take to Twitter to find out the problem:

@HSBC_UK Trying to add my debit card to Apple Pay and keep getting a message saying “Verification Not Available”. Any idea why?

— Jonathan J. Parr (@jonjparr) July 28, 2015

@firstdirecthelp Any chance of that email verification for Apple Pay that I requested 2hrs ago? Tried deleting/re-adding and checked junk.

— Terry Blyth (@terryblythbass) July 28, 2015

HSBC is currently telling customers to remove their cards and re-enter their card as a workaround. Or just ‘try again later’ if the verification server is not responding.

HSBC had already postponed the release of Apple Pay by 2 weeks, and we could only assume they did so for testing purposes and to solve problems like this from happening, yet here we are. Anyway, all you guys can do is wait until this problem gets fixed (possibly in a couple of days?) or try the ‘workaround’.

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