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It’s rumour season as we approach march and almost a year since the last iPad update with the iPad Pro 9.7″. There’s also a lot of people speculating about what might improve the iPad (or calling for its death) in light of the decline in sales again (when everything else had a record quarter). There are some predictable ideas (faster CPU, higher resolution screen etc) some unlike ideas (USB C instead of lightning) and some headscratchers (iPad with non removable laptop keyboard).

While I’d love many of these features (not a non removable keyboard) I can think of one hardware feature that would be a great improvement, if a difficult technical challenge. A keyboard with blackberry style keys that can be used for cursor movements. Let me explain.

One of the best features of the software keyboard is the ability to put two fingers down and then create a fake cursor. It keeps your fingers in place and can be quick and easy to use, quicker than a traditional laptop keyboard set up in fact. However, there are reasons against using the software keyboard like the angle of the screen and the lack of screen space that you get when a keyboard takes up most of it. Wouldn’t it be great if your Smart Keyboard case has a similar feature to the software keyboard. Where it could register your touches and know if there was one or two fingers on them and display accordingly. Perhaps it could even be used with the pencil as the Lenovo Yogabook can do.

It wouldn’t be a cheap upgrade but it would be another feature that would show the power of iOS and much easier to implement on iOS (which is made for a touch interface) than to add to a Mac or MacBook. Yet I suspect this is the type (no pun intended) of feature that even mac and macbook users would love. Will it ever happen? Who can say, maybe it is a feature that the technology needs to catch up to, perhaps the profits wouldn’t be large enough. But this does look like an area where an iPad could do a job better than a traditional laptop.
would you like a smart keyboard with more touch capabilities?

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