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Movies are an amazing source of entertainment and I for one love them. Lord of the Rings, The Harry Potter series, Back to the Future with Marty McFly and all of those Jurassic Dinosaurs.  What more could you want. Maybe HD? Sure why not, I can throw that in there for you!

They are all on sale on iTunes!

I have to say I picked up LOR, Harry, and The Matrix trilogy. I love this stuff!

9to5Toys, (a great site that points out Mac related sale items), brings us this limited time Apple sale on iTunes. If you see something you like below, fire up iTunes and grab it while you can. Here are a few of the bigger named movies and deals from the Movie Bundle Sale:

In the image below you can see even more of the sale event for Movie Bundles. All in HD!

So get out your codes, redeem them in iTunes on your iDevice and get to watching some great entertainment.

[via: 9to5Toys]


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