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Currently there are thousands of games available in Apple’s App Store and in every genre and variety you could want. So that begs the question of… Should Apple release its own gaming console? Or maybe add more functionality to everyone’s favorite little hockey puck, the Apple TV?

When Apple releases its upcoming iOS 7 update, it will include an API to support third-party hardware controllers, which is great news for developers and gamers alike. No more virtual joysticks or digital buttons to mash, players can finally get the type of response their fingers are used to.

OUYA Inc. recently released their $99 dollar android powered gaming console, with at the time of this article a selection of 210 games at launch, well under what the app store offers presently. The time seems right for Apple to make an even further push into the gaming market.

There is no denying that the iPhone, iPod, and iPad are one of the most popular mobile gaming platforms, and with the use of an Apple TV giving you the ability to airplay them to your HDTVs, many might say Apple doesn’t need to do anything further.

On the other hand Apple TV has built in Bluetooth and with the opening up of APIs for third-party controllers, this is where I believe it makes most sense to introduce a new avenue for gaming. Just add another icon next to movies, TV shows, and music simply called game center, no need to come up with a new name the current one works perfectly.

Game Industry insiders are predicting that this is going to be the last console generation, since the push for digital downloads over physical discs has been what Microsoft, Sony, and the rest have been wanting to become the norm, Apple has plenty of know-how with game downloads, I’d say a billions worth.

I can only imagine what the jail-break community would do by adding emulators with our favorite classics like Super Mario Bros and Metroid. My dream of playing NES games on my Apple TV would be a very welcome addition.

The games are there, the app store is there, and the platform seems to be already, is this the perfect time for Apple to add their name next to the likes of Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo?

Could Apple change or turn the gaming industry upside down?

What do you think? Share with us what you would like to see come out of Cupertino.

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