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Apple expected to announce new iPhone, iPad and Apple TV on September 9th

Apple is planning on holding it’s annual fall event on September 9th, according to BuzzFeed’s John Paczkowski. We’re expecting Apple to announce possibly three new products at this years event. What with recent leaks and reports we may see an iPad Pro and/or a refreshed Apple TV as well as a new iPhone (6s?).

Recent rumors regarding the next iPhone say that we could be getting Force Touch (found on the Apple Watch) in the upcoming iPhone. As with all ‘s’ releases, we probably won’t be seeing any significant external changes, they’ll mainly be internal such as a faster processor chips, improved camera, which is rumored to be 12 megapixel, and other changes.

Code found in iOS 9 also points to a larger (possibly 12 inch) iPad, dubbed the ‘iPad Pro’ by the internet. A refreshed Apple TV has also been rumored for a while now too, so Apple could announce a new Apple TV as well as, or instead of. And because this is Apple we’re talking about, plans could change before the official event very easily.

Let’s not forget we’ll also be getting iOS 9 this September too. Here’s what to expect in iOS 9, expect to see iPad focused multitasking, a redesigned Notes app, a more intelligent Siri and much more.

It should also be noted that BuzzFeed’s John Paczkowki predicted the date of last years iPhone event, saying that it would take place on the 9th of September also.

Stay tuned…

Are you guys excited? Would you rather see, a new iPad or a new Apple TV?

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