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Apple announces the new Apple TV – Here’s whats new

Apple officially announced its revamped Apple TV set top box, what was once called a “hobby project” by the company, is now a pretty big deal. When Tim Cook took to the stage at the keynote event, he proclaimed “The future of TV is apps” as he and the team highlighted the Apple TV’s new hardware, software, developer tools, new user-experience, and an App Store. More after the jump.

The new Apple TV brings us up to the fourth-generation of the set top box, and the design of the new Apple TV hasn’t really changed much compared to the third-generation, it is only slightly larger than its predecessor. Though the remote has gotten a complete overhaul.

New Remote

The new Apple TV comes bundled with a new remote control that has been completely revamped. The new remote has bigger buttons for easy navigation and a new Siri button (and mic), that allows you to control your Apple TV with your personal assistant. The top half of the remote also acts as a touchpad so you can navigate using touch screen-like gestures. It also includes Bluetooth 4.0, volume control, an accelerometer and gyroscope and it charges via a Lightening connector at the bottom.

Gaming Experience

Apple announced that the new Apple TV supports MFi (Made for iPhone) controllers through its MFi accessory licensing progam. They also mentioned that the iPhone and iPod can be used as controllers to play games on the Apple TV. Apple announced a number of games coming to the platform, including, Crossy Road, Disney Infinity, Guitar Hero, AirBnB and Zillo. This shows that Apple has big gaming plans for the Apple TV.

Revamped UI and App Store

The new UI is not unfamiliar, it has just been given an overhaul to make it fit better with iOS 9 and OS X. The new UI also includes a nice little 3D effect on cover art and has Siri integration. The new Apple TV software will now include an App Store, allowing you to download apps and games made for the Apple TV. The rebranded operating system is now called tvOS.

Deep Siri Integration

One of the standout features of the new Apple TV is the deep integration of Siri. The new remote that sports a mic to recognize Siri commands, will allow Apple TV users to search for content using the personal assistant. You can ask Siri to show you action movies that star specific actors, you can ask it to play music, you can even use it to control playback. Siri will also offer recommendations.

The new Apple TV starts at $139 for a 32GB model and goes up to $199 for a 64GB model, both will be available in October. The third-generation Apple TV will still be around for $69

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